June 13, 2024

‘National Media Goes Dark’ on Joe Biden’s Association with Racist, KKK Member

During an aρpearance on Fox News Channel’s” Hannity”, Sen. Tim Scott ( R- SC ) highlighted how the national media have seemingly downplayed President Joe Biden’s association with the late Sen. Robert Byrd ( D- WV ).

Byrd is a former KKK member who has admitted to being a member of the organization, which Scoƫt claimed tⱨe internet has become “dark. “

The pairing of him and his friend and mentor, a former Klansman, to stop the inclusion of public schools and busing, according to host Sean Hannity, is the most amazing to me and if it were a Republican, which is career-killing. In that national primary conversation in 2020, Kamala Harris criticized him for. I was that girl, I believe she said, and because he did n’t want public schools, his words, to be racial jungles. Am I the only person in the nation who dares to bring this up and wonders,” Why does n’t anyone care about that? “

” You know, they’re not playing that on CNN”, Scott replied. ” You know they’re not playing it on MSNBC. Theყ are not revealing who Joe Biden has always been. We may have Kamala Harris telling Joe Biden what he did in the 1960s in business after business, and we also need to make sure that his words,” What a nasty reflection on who he is,” reflect who he is. I did say without a doubt that more Black people are gravitating toward Donald Trump because they want fairness, and what we hear from Joe Biden repeatedly amounts to a catering tour. But your 100 % straight, to connect with a racist, a KKK part, and to enjoy it, you can only do that when all of the national press goes black. They wo n’t cover any negative news on Joe Biden”.

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