May 21, 2024

NBA fines Rick Carlisle $35K for criticizing officiating in Game 2 of Pacers-Knicks

Rick Carlisle, the Indiana Pacers ‘ manager, received a$ 35, 000 fine after Game 2 for making remarks that the officiating had been unfair to his team. Carlisle was disciplined by the NBA for “public criticism of the presiding and questioneding the morality of the club and its officials,” the league said in a statement on Friday.

After the Game 2 damage, Carlisle feared the arbitrators had been officiated unfairly and biased against the Pacers. He went on a two-and-a-half second screed about the umpires. In the last moment of Game 1, Indiana had received many calls.

” Little- market teams deserve an equivalent chance”, Carlisle said. ” They deserve a good picture. No matter where they’re playing”.

He also referred to a play that happened momentarily through the second quarter in which Knicks wing Josh Hart appeared to be pushing star point guard Tyrese Haliburton into the back and formally named referee JB DeRosa. There was no contact.

” I’m constantly talking to our men about never making it about the authorities, but we deserve a good picture”, Carlisle said. ” There’s never a constant balance and that’s unsatisfactory. Provide New York credit for their physicality, then. However, our athleticism is consistently punished while ours is consistently punished. I’m merely really unhappy. Only actually disappointed. The two volatility, you gotta create a walk for your men”.

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Pacers players did n’t share his sense of grievance. Point watch T. J. McConnell stated that he did not want to blame the officials for the defeat. Hamilton claimed that there was confusion, but that it was n’t the cause of the Pacers ‘ defeat.

” Do I like more persistence? Yeah”, Haliburton said. ” But let’s not believe like that’s the only explanation we lost. We just did n’t play good enough. But at the end of the day, it’s 2- 0.

” We’re going back to Indy and I like us in any game, so I’m not worried. But yeah, we’d prefer consistency. I do n’t think he double- dribbled but if you can overturn that call, why ca n’t you overturn the kickball? I do n’t really understand that. But like I said, they outplayed us, so let’s not believe like the refs are the cause we lost. We really got to be better. “

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