March 4, 2024

New poll shows tight race to take over disgraced congressman George Santos’s seat

According to a recent poll, the two New Yorkers vying to succeed disgraced past Rep. George Santos in Congress are up against each other.

48 percent of likely voters support former Democratic Rep Tom Suozzi, and 44 % support Republican candidate Mazi Melesa Pilip, according to a Newsday/Siena College poll released on Thursday. Another 7 % are still unsure.

The neck-and-neck results were discovered just weeks before the special election on February 13, which has already started first election.

The chair was formerly held by Mr. Suozzi, a moderate Democrat, from 2017 to 2023. Conventional Ms. Pilip now sits in the Nassau County Legislature.

Following Mr. Santos ‘ expulsion from Congress in December, there will be a special election. The Republican lawmaker was found to have lied on significant portions of his life and continue, including about his education, his career on Wall Street, and yet his mother’s survival of the September 11 attacks, weeks after winning his race.

Additionally, he is accused of national fraud by prosecutors of” stealing people’s names and making claims on his own donors ‘ credit cards without their permission, lying to the FEC and, by extension, the public about the economic condition of his campaign. “

According to a statement from US Attorney Breon Peace,” Santos falsely inflated the party’s reported documents with non-existent money and efforts that were either fabricated or stolen. ” Everyone who uses the political process as a means of defrauding the public and our state institutions will face criminal charges from this Office that will be persistently pursued.