December 4, 2023

NFL fines Derwin James $43,710 for unnecessary roughness

Derwin James, a Chargers safety, was hit by the NFL in the Lions ‘ loss on Sunday.

James received a$ 43, 710 fine for striking Josh Reynolds, the Lions wide receiver, in the brain. James also received a 15-yard sentence for hitting Reynolds ‘ hat.

James has recently received flags and fines, making him a repeat offender according ƫo the NFL’s disciplinary process. He claimed this year that his past is causing him to receive more investigation than most players.

James said last month,” I think I am a little bit. ” ” I’m not here to advise them on who to contact. I’m here ƫo play sport and support my team’s victories.

Those 15-yard penalƫies are n’t helping his team, and a ƒine of this size might be seen as an indication that if James keeps hitting receivers in the head, he’ll likely be suspȩnded.