February 20, 2024

NFL playoff, Super Bowl overtime rules: Chiefs, 49ers headed to extra time

Due to extra, Super Bowl LVIII is the first game to be played under the NFL’s fresh playoff time regulations.

Both groups will be guaranteed hands in the finals. The winning team will blow off even if the extra start team scores a touchdown, giving the opposing team the opportunity to do the same.

Postseason overtime is played like a brand-new sport and uses 15-minute quarters as opposed to regular season overtime. If the sport remains tied after the next time, which has never occurred in NFL history, that includes a time. However, there wo n’t be a second Usher performance because the overtime halftime is brief.

The Patriots defeated the Falcons in extra in one prior Super Bowl. The Patriots scored a touchdown on the first custody of that activity to put an end to it. Even if a score is scored during overtime’s earliest possession, the game will still go on.