June 13, 2024

NYC Teacher Fired amid Student Sex Allegations Remains in Classroom

Despite having her fired, a professor in New York City is still alleged to have had sexual relations with a student.

Dulaina Almonte, 33, was fired from her work at Harry S. Truman High School in 2020 after being investigated for her conduct with adolescents, according to the New York Post on Saturday.

She told the Post that she is still an educator and that it is unlikely that she is innocent of the charges because she is currently teaching at a charter school in the Bronx.

” Still a tutor! Can’t contact me! Also a teacher working abroad. Like, you really ca n’t f–king touch me”, she stated.

Almonte is accused of sending a 17- yr- old woman student more than 28, 000 text messages in a 14- month period, while even sending nearly 2, 000 texts to a 12th grade male student.

” The NYPD also investigated a Truman HS person’s say that she and a former pupil were’ involved in a sexual work’ in a school, according to a police report”, the outlet said. But, the person has denied the allegations.

According to reports, the professor had been talking to students online over the weekend after the event was opened by authorities. She reportedly communicated with them through encrypted Snapchat and WhatsApp calling, and teenagers frequently visited her home.

Additionally, according to the Post, “electronic sexual grooming by educators is a continuing threat to individuals in NYC public universities,” despite dozens of appeals from school investigators for DOE [ Department of Education ] to stop student-teacher cell phone contact,” specialists told The Post on Saturday.

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) site, cleaning is a common application offenders use.

” Grooming may take place online or in- people. It’s generally employed by a family member or someone else in the victim’s circle of trust, such as a mentor, teacher, children team leader or others who obviously have some connection with the victim”, the site read.

The site noted that a pattern of grooming may include victim selection, gaining access before isolating the victim, the development of trust, secret- keeping, and desensitizing the victim to touch, along with conversations about sexual topics.

” For teens, who may be closer in age to the abuser, it can be particularly hard to recognize tactics used in grooming. Be alert for signs that your teen has a relationship with an adult that includes secrecy, undue influence or control, or pushes personal boundaries”, the website said.

Multiple New York City teachers were charged with inappropriate behavior toward students in 2022.