June 22, 2024

NYT, a Lot of Outlets Keep Helping Hamas, Disincentivizing Them from Making a Deal

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) stated the media have downplayed how a lot Hamas has blocked a ceasefire and particularly referred to as out The New York Times for its reporting on Hamas supposedly accepting a ceasefire provide near what Israel needed that “wasn’t even close.”

Smith said that “the biggest block to a ceasefire right now is Hamas. And that’s being largely underreported. There has been a ceasefire agreement on the table for months, which the President brokered, to allow for the return of hostages and a temporary ceasefire. Hamas has blocked that and said, no, Israel has to completely withdraw, permanent ceasefire, and oh, by the way, we’re only going to return some of the hostages over an extended period of time.”

Later, in response to a query on if President Joe Biden’s public risk to Israel over an invasion of Rafah’s inhabitants facilities, “disincentivizes Hamas from making a deal, some kind of a pause?” Smith stated, “Look, some of the broader reporting on this is part of the problem too. The New York Times initially reported, Hamas agrees to a ceasefire, and it’s largely what Israel was asking for. That’s not what it was. It wasn’t even close. A lot of the global reporting has under[reported] the problems that Hamas is presenting, and I think that’s a problem.”

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