July 12, 2024
‘People Are Pissed, They Feel Betrayed’

‘People Are Pissed, They Feel Betrayed’

‘People Are Pissed, They Feel Betrayed’

Hollywood Democrat donors have been quietly turning on mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg after he persuaded them into backing Joe Biden below the promise that the president could be bodily and mentally match for an additional four-year time period, regardless of being 81 years of age.

As Breitbart News reported final month, the previous chairman of the Walt Disney Company, CEO and co-founder of DreamWorks “had to engage in some heavy lifting to convince skeptical Democrat donors that President Joe Biden isn’t too old to run again.”

Breitbart News reported:

Last yr, Jeffrey Katzenberg — who serves as Biden’s re-election co-chair — confronted vital skepticism from some necessary Democrat contributors who believed the octogenarian Biden isn’t as much as one other 4 years in workplace, based on a New York Times report.

Even after Katzenberg tried to allay their considerations, some nonetheless weren’t satisfied, prompting Katzenberg to ask them to a White House assembly with Biden to steer them to return aboard.

According to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), Katzenberg informed donors, “Trust me. And if you don’t trust me, trust, but verify. Come with me and see for yourself and engage with the president.”

“He started doing that in a consistent way,” mentioned Newsom. “He really was instrumental in getting people off the sidelines and getting them to dive headfirst in this campaign.”

After Biden’s disastrous debate towards former President Trump, whereby he misplaced his ideas mid-sentence at occasions and confirmed gradual and slurred speech, donors who reportedly gave over $30 million to the Biden marketing campaign, at Katzenberg’s insistence ,have been expressing fury.

Per TheWrap:

“What Jeffrey Katzenberg has done here is unbelievable,” mentioned one Hollywood energy dealer, donor and influential Democrat who declined to be recognized. “Jeffrey lied about the whole Biden thing. The whole Biden inner circle lied… It’s such an act of hypocrisy.”

“Everyone is furious,” mentioned a number one Hollywood Democratic insider. “People are pissed – they feel betrayed.”

They really feel betrayed, definitely, as a result of as an elder statesman of the Hollywood group, Katzenberg has personally vouched for Biden’s psychological and bodily capability regardless of considerations voiced early on by donors concerning the president’s age.

A Democrat insider informed TheWrap that Katzenberg has turn out to be fairly the speak of Hollywood in current days. While his standing within the leisure trade stays largely untapped, some say that his energy as an influencer could also be waning following the implosion of the tech firm Quibi and now Joe Biden’s marketing campaign, which he enthusiastically pushed on Hollywood donors alongside the likes of George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

“Jeffrey is doing exactly what he did with Quibi,” one energy dealer informed TheWrap. “He just won’t stop calling you, so you just give him money to get [him to leave you alone]. You donate the money. And a lot of people did it. But that’s what happens with Jeffrey.”

“He wants to be a power broker and has completely lost sight of the objective here – which he would say is to get rid of Trump – without telling anybody the truth about his guy,” the facility dealer added.

Courtesy of CNN Presidential Debate

Katzenberg has remained silent following the disastrous debate and the Financial Times reported that he “raised eyebrows” the day after the talk when prevented a gathering to coordinate movie star endorsements.

Despite calls from Democrat donors and media retailers for Biden to step down, the president has vowed to forge forward.

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