June 13, 2024

Prosecution, Judge ‘Rushing’ Trial to Hurt Him Before Election

For his concealing company records case, former president Donald Trump criticized the speed of the test in Manhattan, accusing the prosecution and Judge Juan Merchan of trying to rush things so they could hurt him before the election.

This case, which it should never have brought, should have been brought seven or eight years previously. They did n’t do that because they want to bring it up right before the election, especially given that we are leading in every poll, Trump said in a statement released on Thursday afternoon to reporters.

Trump said,” Thȩy’re trying to rush to get it done before the election so that they can harm me, so theყ can harm their political player. ” ” They’re rưshing. All this hurry. There’s no hurry. These investigations take long. But this one, they’re rushing it. We arrive ȩarly in the morning and depart late in the evening.

Trump claimed that Merchan wanted to “get this thing done quickly before the poll” by extending court time.

Due to Trump’s specific request for a day off so he can attend his brother Barron’s graduation ceremony, the jury is not in session on Friday.

Trump’s staff įs scheduled to present their whole case on Monday, and both sides may start hearing arguments on Tuesḑay.

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