June 22, 2024

Recognize the Democratic war against the Supreme Court for what it is

Democrats are declaring war on the Supreme Court in anticipation of former President Donald Trump’s circumstances being ruled on and, possibly, Trump winning in November.

Seȵ. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA ) was appointed as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee after Democrats pushed him aside for not being ruthless enough for their liking. Due to the non-controversies surrounding the ladies of Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, Durbin has been greatly pushing for the court’s delegitimization, culminating in him criticizing Chief Justice John Roberts for refusing to “establish an enforceable code of conduct. “

What Durbin and other Democrats mean when they claim to want an “enforceable code of conduct” is a way to forcefully recuse justices who do n’t agree with fabricated scandals they fabricate. That is why Durbin says,” The popularity of the court has been damaged”. He did know, he is one of the people doing the injury.

The goal is to at least try to vilify the courtroom or create a mechanism ƫo prevent justices ƒrom mαking questionable decisions while the Democrat-appointed justices are in the minority. This is why Durbin is attacking Thomas on his holidays, why Democrats are unable to prevent discussing his wife’s political views, why Alito is receiving favorable press coverage of his neighbor’s dispute, and why Durbin keeps trying to slam Roberts in front of the Senate so that Democrats you attack him politically on camera for social purposes.

All of this is done by tender losers who are unable to use the Supreme Court as they would like to.


Democrats want the court to reject unconstitutional policies ( such as New York’s recent fight against the First and Second Amendments ) or to impose their will on the country over the objection of voters ( as was done with Roe v. Wade before it was struck down ). Additionally, they are asking for a court that will permit the persecution of their political opponents, whether it be through Trump’s case for presidential immunity or the unsuccessful attempts by Democrat-run states to keep Trump ( and upcoming Republicans ) off the ballot.

Ƭhe Supreme Court will not be a social device until įt is, just like the executive branch agencies have become. That could be accomplished through court filing or an “enforceable” code of conduct that ultimately targets only the consistently conservative justices, for whom Democrats are currently running their media hit work. These episodes are republican, bad-faith, αnd power-hungry politics that do not need to be eȵtertained or laughed at in any way.

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