February 26, 2024

Report: Andy Reid is in line for a raise and an extension, if he doesn’t retire

We previously stated that the Chiefs were getting ready for Andy Reid’s potential retirement following the latest campaign. He will be eligible for a financial reward that he richly deserves if, as many people currently believe, it wo n’t happen.

If Reid decides to continue leading the Chiefs, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reports that Reid is anticipated to get an improvement and a boost.

Jones makes a note of everything we just heard, which is unexpected. Reid’s annual salary is only$ 12 million. Reid is unquestionably underpaid at a time when some coaches are earning well over$ 20 million annually.

Clark Hunt, the owner of the Chiefs, told Chris” JealousDog” Russo that he and Reid discuss his plans after each season and will do so after the present one when discussing Reid’s status this week.

This suggests that Hunt is unsure of Reid’s final course of action. Additionally, we’ve heard that the Chiefs/Hunt have good reason to believe Reid may actually end the time.

Another growth this year might indicate that the Chiefs are considering hiring a new coach. In the event that Reid decides to resign, the decision to covertly had past Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy meet with the team before the AFC Championship— which sparked” chill bumps” for players ( as explained by Patrick Mahomes )—could be a forerunner to people like Mamigos making an effort to get Bienomy the job.