June 13, 2024

Results ‘Reversed’ in 2024 Election as Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden Among Independents

Past President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden among politicians, an I&amp, I/TIPP Poll, released Monday, found.

In a contest with third-party candidates included, Biden and Trump received nearly identical results, according to the general survey, with Trump receiving 38 percent and Trump receiving 39 percent. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. , Cornel West, Cornel West, and Jill Stein, the Green Party member, were the other 12 percent and Cornel West, the other 1 %, and the others.

In a head-to-head race, independents were also able to predict Trump over Biden by a five-point margin, but only 15 % of respondents are unsure. With third-party candidates being included, Trump only has a 33 percent to 25 percent lead over Biden, an eight-point ratio. Eighteen cent go to RFK Jr. , followed by two percentage for West and Stein, each.

This is significant, according to TIPP Insights, because “independents in the previous election favored Biden 54 % to Trump’s 41 %. “

” That has, for all intents and purposes, been reversed this time around, as the I&amp, I/TIPP information demonstrate”, per the poll, which noted that Trump has made gains in other populations as well:

African- Americans, for example, gave 87 % of their vote to Biden in 2020, compared to only 12 % for Trump. But that’s changed dramatically in 2024: Black voters say they favor Biden by 59 %, a 28 % decline from four years ago, while 15 % say they back Trump, a three percentage- point gain. All told, it’s a 31- place swing.

Among Hispanics, Biden slammed Trump in 2020, 65 % to 32 %. In this month’s I&amp, I/TIPP Poll, Hispanics give just 47 % support to Biden, 26 % to Trump, and 13 % to Kennedy.

Despite of their personal political preferences, the survey also asked responders who they thought would win the election. Nevertheless, more believe Trump will win than Biden, 37 percent to Biden’s 34 percentage:

The poll was taken May 1- 3, 2024, among 1, 264 responders. It has a ± 2. 8 percentage margin of error.

Followers of Trump’s arrival at the Miami Grand Prix yell out in support.

Margo Martin via Storyful