April 16, 2024

Revolting NBC Talking Heads Miss Chance to Grill Ex-RNC Chief

Ronna Romney McDaniel onIy spent four weeks on MSNBC. More than her colleagues could carry, sharing the airwaves with the former Republican National Committee director. Theყ curled their cheeks, as if she had the germs.

” It goes without saying that she will not be a tourist on’ Morning Joe ‘ in her power as a paid contributor”, Mika Brzezinski huffed.

Rachel Maddow snarled,” I find the decision to put her on the payroll unexplainable”.

After McDaniel’s only appearance as a contributor, Chuck Todd growled at” Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker:” I think our bosses owe you an apology for putting you in this situation”.

MSNBC’s cables gave their bronze the animal, turned them inƫo plucked birds, and tossed them into the Potomac. The humiliated managers started to sag.

” No organization, particularly a newsroom, can succeed unless it is cohesive and aligned”, gasped NBC Universal’s Cesar Conde, extolling groupthink rather than intellectual diversity.

” I want to personally regret to our team members who felt we let them down”, Conde gurgled, just before he sank into the river.

The newspaper equivalent of what to frequently befalls conservative speakers on college campuses was MSNBC’s mutiny.

” Withdraw him”!

” Boot her”!


A crowd of black-clad bookers breaking cameras and lighting beauty rooms on MSNBC was the only thing that was absent.

As a media firm, MSNBC botched a great opportunity. Its hosts may include filmed McDaniel’s face seveɾal times per month duriȵg an election year and broadcast some difficult questions to her.

  • ” Trump faces nearly 90 legal costs. Would n’t just one conviction disqualify him among millions of voters”?
  • ” How may Trump thin Biden’s widening funding advantage”?

Why rely only on Trump? McDaniel could have been grilled like a herring on GOP-related issues:

  • ” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R- Ga. , wants House Speaker Mike Johnson, R- La. , to walk down. Do you believe”?
    Due to their expelling New York Rep. George Santos before his corruption trial even started, the House Republicans ‘ five-vote lot will decline to just one. Also, California’s Kevin McCarthy, Colorado’s Ken Buck, Ohio’s Bill Johnson, and ( soon ) Wisconsin’s Mike Gallagher fled the ball field and drove home in the sixth inning. Do Republicans love the fight, or has “getting their gender-affirming care failed”?

MSNBC employees may have interrogated McDaniel, and she would have had to take it. Unlike her old job, she could not say,” No comment” and then hide in her office ( which was not her style ). McDaniel was had accepted on-air questions and completed her contract, or clammed up and accepted her reported$ 300, 000 annual salary.

Turn the tables: Imagine that Fox News Channel hired Biden’s pαst climate king John Kerry. My Fox News colleagues would be eager to ask Kerry questions like:” Rather than collapse on cameras,”

  • Why did Joe Biden dismiss his military advisors and shut down Bagram Airport before fleeing Afghanistan?
  • ” When you repeatedly huddled with Iran’s ayatollahs in the Trump years, were n’t you violating the Logan Act”?
  • You gave an in-person counsel to the North Asian group on how to outbidgain America’s secretary of state when Henry Kissinger, the now-deceased, negotiated the Paris Peace Accords in 1972. Why, dear, should you not been arrested for treachery the moment you enter this studio”?

Because NBC = DNC, the ex-chief of the RNC will face nothing identical.

John Chancellor and David Brinkley may be revolving in ƫheir tombs.

More than crumple like aluminum foil, NBC’s brass does had sacked their rude, insubordinate “talent”. They may have made an appearance in their place as ambitious journalists from respected newspapers aIl over the country.

Brzezinski, Maddow, and Todd are all reɱovable. Particularly Todd.

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