March 4, 2024

Rex Ryan disputes ESPN report that Cowboys will hire Mike Zimmer as defensive coordinator

On ESPN now, issues seem to have gotten a little sour.

Adam Schefter provided a thorough report about the Cowboys ‘ decision to hire Mike Zimmer as their new defensive coordinator during the Super Bowl version of Sunday NFL Countdown. Rex Ryan, a former Jets and Bills manager who likewise conducted an interview for the Dallas position, then refuted Schefter’s account.

Ryan stated via CBS Sports . com,” First down, I’m not sure Zimmer has that work best today. ” I’m never certain about that. I’ll be honest and say that I do n’t think that’s true at the moment.

Here is the film of the conversation.

For something like this, it’s unusual for any workshop present to not have everyone on the same site. Essentially, the problem is resolved in advance of time. Ryan probably knew what Schefter was going to suggest before he said it, so it’s unfair to him to have a fictitious partner nonsense on his record.

Ryan is also holding out hope for the position, though.

I had never called another scalp coach, which is why I was out for seven decades, according to Ryan. I made a call to Mike McCarthy. The reason I did it is because, if I’m going to get back into coaching, I want to be on this [ Super Bowl ] stage and have a chance at it. I believe that the group may be right here at the Super Bowl with this roster as it is, excessively, special teams, and defense. That’s why I was curious. Only in the ideal circumstance had I return to training. I wo n’t go if it’s not entirely correct. This crew is intriguing because they are so close to overcoming that obstacle, which is why I believe people would be drawn to the position.

In conclusion, Zimmer will serve as the Cowboys ‘ new defensive coordinator. Unless he is n’t, that is.