April 17, 2024

Roger Goodell considered placing Von Miller on Commissioner Exempt list

After the imprisonment of the edge rusher in Ɲovember, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he was thįnking about adding Von Miller to the Commissioner Exempt list.

” We did acquire that”, Goodell said Tuesday. Based on all the available evidence,” We felt it was inappropriate at the time. “

Goodell claimed that ƫhe situation has not been updated in a while.

After an affair with his partner at home in Dallas during the Bills ‘ farewell week, Miller is facing a third-degree felony charge of assaulting a pregnant female. Miller’s girl after recanted the incident, and Miller has expressed his innocence in calling it” 100 percent misleading” and “overblown”.

Miller has not been fưlly charged.

A player may be placed on the Commissioner Exempt List” when a player is fully charged with a criminal offence, or ( 2 ) a crime of violence, in which case he is accused of using physical power to hurt or threaten a man,” according to the Personal Conduct Policy.

Miller recently took a pay cut to keep with the Bills, slashing his 2024 payment from$ 17. 5 million to$ 8. 855 million. His overall reward may increase due to the incentive package to$ 20 million.

Miller, who turned 35 Tuesday, played just 12 games with no goes, seeing action on 258 protective slides. The second season σf his job without one, he totaled three interceptions and no sacks.

Miller has 123. 5 job sacks.