December 4, 2023

Ron Rivera: I focus on what I can control, not what happens after the season

Ron Rivera, the commander’s coach, is in the hot chair, but he claims that his ɱain concern is getting hįs team ready to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, never whether his work will be secure αfter the period.

Rivera remarked,” I can only handle what I does. ” ” I have no power over what happens after immediately or after the end of the season. Therefore, all I can do is concentrate on the here and now. I have nothing else besides that. I’ll make an effort to convey that to the people as well. I am unable to concentrate on what I cannot control.

The match against the Coωboys, according to Rivera, is as far into the prospect as he can imagine.

Rivera remarked,” I try to concentrate on the Cowboys and simply take it one time at a time. ” I make an effort to concentrate on today’s most crucial task, which is getting ready for Dallas.

Rivera acknowledged that the 4–7 Commanders were n’t up to par.

” We’re all irritated. We’re all attempting to fix this issue. We’re all doing our best, Rivera said.

Since the Giants ‘ loss on Sunday, Rivera claimed he has n’t spoken to Commanders owner Josh Harris. Harris is probably not overly excited with what he’s seeing from his fresh group.