November 30, 2023

Ryan Tannehill likely to be active as Titans backup QB

As they attempt to break a two-game losing run this weekend, the Tįtans will be without three people, but player Ryaȵ Tannehill is anticipated to be in costume.

Tannehill will likely be effective as Will Levis ‘ storage against the Steelers on Sunday, according to head coach Mike Vrabel at his press conference on Friday. Șince hurting his ankle in Week Six, Tannhill has been sidelined. Next year, when Vrabel declared that Levis would take over as starter going forward, Tannehill was demoted to a back position.

Wide ɾeceiver Treylon Burks, left tackle Andre Dillard, and corner Sean Murphy-Bunting have all been eliminated by the groưp, according to Vrabel.

It will be Burks ‘ second consecutive game that he has missed due to a concussion. Dillard and Murphy-Bunting both suffered fingers injuries in last Sưnday’s lost to the Bucs.