March 4, 2024

‘Sanctuary Jurisdictions Are Inherently More Unsafe’

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) Director Patrick Lechleitner said that” Sanctuary jurisdictions are inherently more unsafe” because they occasionally release people” who have very serious convictions at times and are public safety threats, if not national security threats” during portions of an interview with Griff Jenkins on Thursday that were broadcast on Friday. Lechleitner added that” the conduct of these shelter jurisdictions is a concern and I’m very baffled by it,” and that he would cooperate with any authority to advance public security and national security.

The temple states are inherently more dangerous because they are letting these people out who have very serious views at times and are public health threats, if not national security risks,” Lechleitner said during a segment of” America’s Newsroom” on Friday that aired on the Fox News Channel. It is a worry, and I find it to be very perplexing.

Lechleitner added,” I want to work with any authority to put public health and national security first, and I’m willing to talk to anyone to do it,” in another segment of the meeting that was broadcast on Friday’s FNC” Specific Report. “

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