February 26, 2024

Sauce Gardner: An Aaron Rodgers pass left burn marks on my gloves

Say what you will on Aaron Rodgers on the football field, which I occasionally do, but he is still a unique player talent.

Sauce Gardner, a Jets partner, explained to us how talented Rodgers is this week on PFT Live.

Gardner told Chris Simms and me,” He’s a real chief. ” ” It’s wonderful to have him around all the time. He is the best player I have always played for or seen. I’ve never seen anything like the stuff he does or the throws a man can make. No against my other players in a game or in practice. Simply put, I’ve not seen them.

We enquired as to what Rodgers does in particular to distinguish him.

” He’s going to zip the ball,” Sauce declared. He threw the ball to the listener during this particular sing in training, as I recall. I nearly chose it. My arms are in place. My fingers lost control of the ball. My boots had burned, leaving behind burn signs. It moved so quickly. I found it hard to believe. This has never happened before, I’m of,” Bro. ” He’s really unique, you know?

He is, in fact. In 2024, the Jets should receive a full year of it rather than just four catches.