May 21, 2024

Senate Gets Articles of Impeachment Against DHS Chief Mayorkas

The House delivered the 2 articles of impeachment in opposition to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate on Tuesday afternoon.

The articles are anticipated to be acted on shortly by the Democrat-controlled Senate, however not within the method House GOP lawmakers are in search of.  

“We want to address this issue as expeditiously as possible,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., mentioned throughout a ground speech Monday discussing the articles of impeachment.  

Republicans who backed the impeachment of Mayorkas are involved that Schumer will maintain a vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment altogether. Dismissal solely requires a easy majority, which isn’t out of the query, given Democrats’ management of the higher chamber.  

Schumer additionally has the choice to refer the articles to committee, the place they might seemingly die, or to carry a full Senate trial, which Schumer just isn’t anticipated to do, given his personal vocal opposition to Mayorkas’ impeachment.  

“Impeachment should never be used to settle a policy disagreement,” Schumer mentioned, including, “That would set a horrible precedent for the Congress.”  

House and Senate Republicans supporting impeachment have maintained a strain marketing campaign on Schumer to drive a Senate trial.  

“Under the Constitution, the responsibility of the Senate is simple and straightforward: The Senate must hold a trial,” mentioned Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.  

“Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to do that,” Cruz added. “Instead, he wants to move to table the entire thing for three reasons. First, he does not want to allow the House managers to present evidence of Mayorkas’ willful decision to aid and abet the criminal invasion of this country. Second, he does not want the American people to see the facts. Third, he does not want Senate Democrats on the ballot in November to have to vote ‘not guilty’ because the evidence is indisputable—Alejandro Mayorkas is guilty.”  

Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., serves as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and led the impeachment effort in opposition to Mayorkas.  

“The American people demand accountability,” Green wrote on X, in response to House Speaker Mike Johnson signing the articles of impeachment Monday.  

The Republican-controlled House voted 214 to 213 on a party-line vote to question Mayorkas on Feb. 13 after a failed try per week prior.  

The House’s first article alleges that the homeland safety secretary has failed to safe America’s border and implement immigration legal guidelines, and as a substitute has executed insurance policies that incentivize unlawful immigration.    

The House’s second article of impeachment contends that Mayorkas is in breach of the general public belief and knowingly has made false statements to Congress and the American folks. 

Like his conservative colleagues within the House, Cruz says Mayorkas bears a lot of the accountability for the report excessive quantity of encounters of unlawful aliens at America’s borders.  

“Mayorkas has aided and abetted the criminal invasion of the United States,” Cruz mentioned. “This is a humanitarian, public safety, and national security crisis.”  

Schumer advised his fellow senators in a “Dear Colleague” letter on April 5 that when the articles of impeachment arrive within the Senate, senators shall be sworn in as jurors the next day and that Senate President Pro Tempore Patty Murray, D-Wash., will preside over the chamber.  

The House was initially going to ship the 2 articles of impeachment to the Senate on April 10, however Johnson delayed the supply after a gaggle of GOP senators requested him to take action to permit extra time for debate on the Senate ground earlier than the weekend.

Schumer mentioned Monday that his plan of motion within the Senate has not modified regardless of the arrival of the articles being delayed six days.