June 22, 2024

SF Buying Beer, Vodka for Homeless Alcoholics with Taxpayer Money

As city leaders grapple with the homeless problem that plagues its streets, homeless people are receiving free beer and whiskey as part of a taxpayer-funded pilot program in San Francisco.

The city’s Department of Public Health runs the Managed Alcohol Program ( MAP ) to give doses of alcohol to the addicted, Fox News reported on Saturday.

Officials anticipate that the program may “keep the homeless off the roadways” and reduce emergency response times.

According to Fox,” Specialists claim the program can save or extend life, but critics question whether it would be better to fund sobriety and treatment programs instead,” he added.

In 2020, according to Breitbart News, the San Francisco Health Department made it known that authorities were providing people with alcohol, tobacco, medical marijuana, and other substances to prevent them from obtaining them during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report from the Fox post, the California Health Care Foundation stated that nurses and trained personnel would administer managed liquor programs to homeless shelters and transitory and permanent residences in 2020.

According to the base, there is “one way to minimize hurt for those with alcohol use disorders. “

” By prescribing limited quantities of drinking, the type aims to prevent possible life- disturbing effects of alcohol withdrawal, such as seizures and injuries”, the foundation added.

The pandemic-related system was established and, according to reports, has grown. It has a$ 5 million annual budget and operates out of a former hotel in the Tenderloin district.

After visiting the website, Adam Nathan, the CEO of an Artificial business and the state’s Salvation Army, online criticizes the system.

” The whole thing is very odd to me and just does n’t feel right. Providing free drugs to drug addicts does n’t solve their problems. They are only stretched out by it. Where’s the healing in all this”? he said.

In December, NBC News reported that a record number of people in the United States were experiencing destitution:

According to a report released in December by Breitbart News, some visitors in San Francisco are fed up with the homeless situation and some residents have had to learn the “poopie dance” to avoid coming into contact with harsh items left on the town’s streets.