June 22, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson Wants to Become ‘King Johnson’

Rep. Victoria Spartz ( R- IN ) told Breitbart News Saturday that Speaker Mike Johnson ( R- LA ) wants to become” King Johnson” just like Rep. Nancy Pelosi ( D- CA ) became” Queen Pelosi”.

Spartz was one of the 11 House Republicans to vote against the motion to stand Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene’s ( R- GA ) movement to depart, or replace Johnson as the leader of the House.

Reps. Spartz, Greene, Andy Biggs ( R- AZ), Eric Burlison ( R- MO), Eli Crane ( R- AZ), Warren Davidson ( R- OH), Paul Gosar ( R- AZ), Thomas Massie ( R- KY), Alex Mooney ( R- WV ), Barry Moore ( R- AL ), and Chip Roy ( R- TX ) all voted against the motion.

Reps. Andy Biggs ( R- AZ), Eric Burlison ( R- MO), Eli Crane ( R- AZ), Warren Davidson ( R- OH), Paul Gosar ( R- AZ), Thomas Massie ( R- KY), Alex Mooney ( R- WV ), Barry Moore ( R- AL ), Chip Roy ( R- TX ), Victoria Spartz ( R- IN), along with Marjorie Taylor Greene, were the Republicans who voted against tabling the motion to vacate to oust Speaker Mike Johnson ( Wikimedia Commons ).

According to Spartz, Johnson’s actions were intended to prevent the” Women’s House” president from achieving near-monarchical dominance.

She stated to Breitbart News Saturday network Matthew Boyle,” I’ve always said that many Americans died without having kings and queens. ” And we’ve created an environment when Speaker Pelosi became Speaker, we had Queen Pelosi, and Kevin McCarthy wanted to become King McCarthy, and Johnson wanted to be King Johnson. That is not how that establishment ought to operate. And the Speaker’s transparency and regulations are crucial.

Former U. S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ( D- CA ) talks to newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson ( R- LA ) after the House of Representatives held an election at the U. S. Capitol on October 25, 2023, in Washington, DC. ( Win McNamee/Getty )

At the start of this legislative name, liberals fought to make the House more transparent and open, according to Spartz.

” We fought a lot at this beginning of this Congress to tighten the rules to have accountability, to have a motion to abandon, to have a 72- hour rule, have one content- matter bills, it’s really important. And I’ve fought it out with a lot of liberals,” she said.

Spartz claimed that Johnson and Democrats made a package to keep him in office.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, left, and House Speaker Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, attend a statue unveiling ceremony of Daisy Bates, of Arkansas, Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill in Washington ( AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin ).

” When Speaker Johnson came, he understood the rules do n’t allow him to be a king, he suspended them, and made a deal with Democrats”, the Hoosier conservative said.

She noted that Johnson has been able to push for omnibus spending bills, legislation that addresses the border crisis, and pass a Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ( FISA ) reauthorization bill without requiring a warrant for searches of Americans ‘ communications under the Democrat-Republican coalition government.

” That’s unhappy to see”, Spartz said.

Making of “deals with the other part before you even speak to conservatives” is even depressing. She mentioned that there was” a Republican agenda on the floor” and that” I believe Speaker Johnson felt it would be simpler to strike deals with Democrats. ” It might be easier, but]it is ] dangerous for the state”.

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