May 21, 2024

Stephen A. Smith Fires Back After Jonathan Papelbon’s Accusation of Racism

Stephen A. Smith took former Red Sox nearer Jonathan Papelbon to job and threatened authorized motion after the latter accused Smith of “racism” and claimed that Smith had been thrown out of the Phillies clubhouse.

“What do you mean I was thrown out of a Major League Baseball clubhouse,” Smith mentioned.

“I have been a reporter and a sports commentator for 30 years. That has never happened in any sport. I’ve never been thrown out of a locker room. I’ve never been thrown out of a clubhouse. … That is a lie. Now, I could sue your ass for lying, telling such a lie like that. But I won’t. I won’t waste my time.”

The battle between the 2 began earlier this week after Smith ranted about how perplexed he was that Mike Trout couldn’t keep wholesome though he’s taking part in a noncontact sport.

Appearing on the present Foul Territory, Papelbon sounded off on Smith.

“I challenge ESPN to do something about it,” Papelbon mentioned.

“I challenge ESPN to either fire him or cut his pay or do something about it because, honestly, nobody wants to listen to his sh*t. Because everybody knows that it’s just for likes, it’s just for followers. He really doesn’t actually know what he’s saying … this is just another idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“I think that when people bring up the word racist, if they looked at you and I sitting together, I think they would look at you before they looked at me,” Smith shot again.

“I’ve never talked about you. You’re irrelevant. At least until today.”

Smith might solely surmise that Papelbon charged him with xenophobia on account of his 2021 feedback during which he mentioned Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani’s incapacity to talk English harm his marketability and the game.

Smith then spoke about why he views the cost of racism so severely.

“I’m a black man, Smith mentioned. “We have a historical past of experiencing racism. And quite a bit of occasions, these experiences come courtesy of individuals who appear to be you. And I’d by no means assume to name you a racist. What you mentioned is improper, is irresponsible, is petty, and if it was to get a response, it’s determined. Because now that you just don’t have your taking part in profession to lean on anymore, I assume you want assist in different areas.

“That’s about the most you’re gonna get from me. Be a grown-up, bro. The things that you said about me sound like a damn racist, and I still wouldn’t call you that unless I was sure.”