April 16, 2024

Study Finds Link Between Happiness And Not Knowing What’s Going On With Steven Crowder

U.S. — A new study released this week finds a strong correlation between being happy and having no clue what’s going on in the personal life of conservative commentator Steven Crowder.

“We surveyed hundreds of Americans and found that, overwhelmingly, people who had no idea Steven Crowder and his wife had drama and were going through some sort of bad divorce were, on average, 100 times happier than people who knew all about it,” Lead Researcher Trisha Campos commented.

The study also looked at the link between not knowing Steven Crowder is the “Change My Mind” guy from the memes and leading a normal, mentally healthy life and found a sharp rise in overall life satisfaction if not having any idea even who Crowder is.

“I don’t do social media,” survey respondent Brent Talbot told reporters. “I have a family and a busy job, in my spare time I love to build old-timey ship models out of balsa wood and play baseball with my kids. Who’s this Clam Chowder guy you’re talking about?”

As of publishing time, millions of people were going about their lives without any having any clue X user PatriotBender727 had been up all night analyzing past Crowder videos to see if there was any additional evidence to the claims he was a bad father and husband.

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