February 20, 2024

Susie Wiles: Meet the bird-watching grandmother at the heart of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign

On her Twitter/X profile, she wears a shirt and cardigan, drop earrings, and a gold necklace, her gray hair completely set. But Susie Wiles’ “Golden Girl”, grandmotherly picture belies the function that presently consumes her. Wiles is currently one of the most powerful players in Republican politics, operating Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election. A ruthless political operator, her focus is on absolute victory.

The Hill political newspaper referred to as her “the most powerful Republican you don’t know”; The New York Times described her as “perhaps the most significant voice inside Mr Trump’s third presidential campaign”.

Some say if he manages to beat Biden to the presidency in November, he’ll have Wiles to thank. But who’s she, and what makes this cake-baking, bird-watching 66-year-old grandmother tick?