May 21, 2024

Target Limiting LGBTQ-Themed Merchandise for ‘Pride Month’ After Massive Blowback

After taking a huge hit in 2023, Target is reducing its LGBTQ-themed product for” Pride Month. “

After selling Pride-themed products at each of its stores across America for ten years, Target announced Friday that it would only sell those items in select shops, according to CNN’s report from Friday.

After employees were confronted over the products, the business did, according to KTLA, take some of its” Pride Month” clothes in May 2023.

According to the outlet’s report,” swimwear designed for use by some transgender women and designs from a company that makes LGBTQ+ product with a Satanic theme” were among the items that received reaction.

Video footage shows apparel, jewelry, and a house carpet that says,” Gayest Place in Town” from Target’s 2023″ Pride Month” set:

Per the CNN content, nearly half of the company’s 2, 000 stores will offer LGBTQ- themed items. Additionally, the items can be purchased online.

The exit continued:

The changes are a” smart approach”, Neil Saunders, managing director of financial for GlobalData, told CNN. However, he warned that” Target could be accused of not being proud of its pride. “

He said,” Unfortunately for Target, it has been dragged into the culture wars and is in a position where it ca n’t win whatever it does. “

In May 2023, Target’s owners lost$ 9 billion in stock market value “because the C- set mixed its expert duties with its specific goals, including advocacy for transgenderism”, according to Breitbart News.

The outlet noted that the company’s vice president for product advertising, Carlos Saavedra, “moonlights as a board member of an advocacy group for K- 12 transgenderism and queer position”.

According to a report from Breitbart News in 2016, thousands of customers became angry after Target’s management demanded that customers use mixed-sex restrooms and changing rooms:

The proof strongly suggests that the company’s top executives and its top executives merely ignored the public’s opposition to mixed-sex bathrooms because the managers are enthralled by the notion that left-wing ideas about sex and children will aid them in increasing sales to wealthy buyers and the cultural younger population.

But center- class customers — never left- wing advocates — get to choose Target’s fate.

Those middle- class customers do n’t like being ignored by holier- than- thou managers, they do n’t like creepy threats to their children, and they really do n’t like being manipulated by far- left progressives who are trying to change kids ‘ ideas about sex, family, and “gender expression”.

Consequently- called” Pride Month” begins in June, and visitors can find more articles about it by clicking here.