May 21, 2024

Ten traded players who will have biggest impact on 2024 NFL season

    Moved BY: Buffalo Bills

  • TRADED FOR: 2025 subsequent- round pick ( with Houston receiving a 2024 seventh- round pick and 2025 five- round pick )

But, you’re an aspiring Tournament power and you want to assist your younger QB concrete his place among the NFL’s A- listers? Getting Diggs. His name might not be as offensive as it did in 2020, when he joined the Payments as a trader to reinvigorate their act. He’ll turn 31 in November, and he closed out his Bills tenure with more drama than production ( 42. 2 receiving yards per game over his final 10 games, including playoffs ). However, he still had a top-ten ranking in the NFL in receiving and receiving yards ( 107, seventh ), and he wo n’t have to carry the load in Houston, where Nico Collins, Tank Dell, and tight end Dalton Schultz contributed to last year’s top-ten passing game ( and where new running back Joe Mixon might be considered for retrospective inclusion on this list ). In other words, when Diggs does n’t get the ball, his presence should create opportunities for others. When he does get the ball, he should be able to do more with it than he did in 2023, when he put up the third- lowest per- catch mark ( 11. 1 yards ) of his career. The mess in Buffalo besides, Diggs accelerated Josh Allen‘s trip into stardom. He’ll have a significant impact on shaping the environment of NFL challengers for a second time if he can assist the current reigning insulting rookie of the year, C. J. Stroud, in doing so.