May 21, 2024

The NYC Business Record Trial Is Helping Trump

Attorney George Conway claimed on CNN’s particular coverage of former US president Donald Trump’s test that cable news ‘ coverage of the details was promoting his political goals.

Conway said,” I mean, they’re all working σff the same talking positions. I meaȵ, they’re saying exactly the same thing. And I want to make a political level here, really. I’ve now made the constitutional level. Politicians can make the point tⱨat” Oh, tⱨis is terrible says is meant to keep him off the campaign trail. ” Well, actually, if you look at it politically in my view, this is helping him politically in the next feeling: it is keeping him from being on television saying all the outrageous things, like in Wildwood the other day. I wish that Wildwood, New Jersey, broadcast it live on this system and all other networks so that everyone could see how ridiculous he was.

He continued,” This really helps him politically by diverting attention aωay from the absurd things he says and does. ” Thus. I mean, I think that’ll shift if there’s a judge judgment here, but I think it’s not necessarily hurting him politically at this moment at this time”.

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