November 28, 2023

Tommy Tuberville sparks fresh outrage with ‘abortions after birth’ comment

Tommy Tuberville, the football coach-turned senator from Alabama, has repeated a baseless lie about Democratic-aligned insurance policies on abortion.

On Friday, the Republican senator was showing on a chat present hosted by Kimberly Guilfoyle – girlfriend of former president Donald Trump’s eldest son Don Jr – when he repeated the fact-free assertion that Democrats support insurance policies which might permit abortions “after” a child is born.

This coverage has by no means been supported by any elected Democratic official and wouldn’t really represent an abortion — it will merely be homicide.

The senator used the conspiracy as gasoline for his more and more unpopular campaign to hold up military promotions till the Department of Defence stops reimbursing service members for journey they could require with a purpose to entry abortion companies.

Mr Tuberville, a Maga-aligned Republican, has received reward from the far proper for his stance whereas incomes condemnations from centrists in his social gathering in addition to from his Democratic rivals.

One of these Democrats, Senator Tina Smith, responded to a clip of Mr Tuberville’s remarks and referred to as them “harmful”. Defence officers have stated that Mr Tuberville’s holdup of military promotions have left key positions at US command centres unfulfilled at a time of worldwide disaster.

“Did Kimberly attempt to acquaint Senator Tuberville with the criminal code? Because this is utter nonsense,” wrote the Minnesota Democrat.

“But harmful nonsense. Senator Tuberville blocking these promotions is hurting our military.”

Mr Tuberville’s ongoing marketing campaign is rapidly inflicting rifts within the GOP Senate caucus.

It’s additionally elevating the query of whether or not, sooner or later, senators will take related actions to unilaterally implement their will on coverage issues fairly than addressing them by the legislative or judicial processes.

Some of these rifts exploded into view earlier this month, when Republican senators confronted Mr Tuberville over his efforts on the Senate ground in view of the cameras.

The Alabama senator has remained adamant that he won’t launch his maintain on promotions, telling reporters: “I cannot simply sit idly by while the Biden administration injects politics in our military from the White House and spends taxpayers’ dollars on abortion.”