May 21, 2024

‘Trans Woman’ Accused of Running over, Kissing, Stabbing Victim

A transgender alleged suspect is accused of a brutal murder on May 3 in Houston, Texas, on Woodridge Square Drive.

As target Steven Anderson, 64, was walking to pick up message, a vehicle approach him from behind, ABC 13 reported Friday.

The believe is” 20-year-old Karon Fisher, identified in court documents as a person but also described by authorities as a female,” according to the store. Fisher is “reportedly a trans girl,” according to the New York Post.

The vehicle hit the target, then the vehicle reversed and hit him repeatedly. The suspect approached the sufferer with a knife as the group members dialed 911 for assistance. The suspect then kissed him before turning his figure over and moving his brain.

The suspect then reportedly stabbed the victim nine days before fleeing the scene. The suspect, who is wearing a black bra and high-slung dark clothes, leans over the victim in video footage that shows the event.

Before leaping over the victim’s figure and fleeing the scene, the suspect appears to try to enter a dark car:

According to CBS Austin, after the tragedy, witnesses reported to law enforcement where the believe may be located.

The Houston Police Department shared Fisher’s mugshot on May 6 and stated that the presume had been charged with murder in a social media post on that day.

The ABC 13 report claims that Fisher was under neighborhood control for five years after avoiding arrest in 2023. In 2021, Fisher was also charged with adultery, according to information, but the situation was later dropped.

The suspect was also accused of assaulting a medical employee the day of the alleged murder, the outlet added.

” It’s very disturbing. I have children these, they could have been out here playing, and think them”, one cousin stated of the event.