May 21, 2024

Trump Attorney Goes Right After Michael Cohen In ‘Hush Money’ Trial


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One of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys went proper after his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, as cross-examination started within the Manhattan hush cash trial on Tuesday.

Cohen, who was Trump’s lawyer for ten years, was sentenced to jail on a number of prices, together with one associated to a $130,000 hush cash fee he made to Stormy Daniels. Daniels alleges she had an affair with Trump in 2006. Prosecutors contend that Trump organized for Cohen to make the fee to silence Daniels forward of the 2016 election and that Trump later reimbursed Cohen, including a bonus.

The former president faces 34 counts of falsifying enterprise data to hide the alleged fee. He has pleaded not responsible to all counts and denies having had a sexual encounter with Daniels.

Katie Phang of NBC News was within the courtroom on Tuesday for Cohen’s cross-examination and shared the next account on social media (Note: This will not be an official transcript and it has been edited for readability and punctuation):

BLANCHE: Mr. Cohen, my title is Todd Blanche, and also you and I’ve by no means met. You went on TikTok and known as me a “crying little shit.”

COHEN: That appears like one thing I might say.



JUDGE: Sustained.


BLANCHE: You referred to Trump as a “dictator douchebag”?

COHEN: Sounds like one thing I mentioned.

BLANCHE: You mentioned he ought to return to “where he belongs, in a fucking cage like a fucking animal.” You recall saying that?

COHEN: I recall saying that.

Phang additionally posted this alternate:

BLANCHE: You additionally talked on [your podcast] Mea Culpa your need to see Trump get convicted on this case?

COHEN: Sounds like one thing I’d say.

BLANCHE: Have you frequently commented in your podcasts that you really want President Trump convicted on this case?

COHEN: Yes, most likely.

BLANCHE: Do you might have any doubt?

COHEN: I wish to see accountability, [but] it’s not for me, it’s for the jury and this case.

Meanwhile, earlier this week Trump’s attorney-spokeswoman as soon as once more identified the hypocrisy surrounding her boss’s prosecution within the case.

Alina Habba was discussing testimony by Trump’s former private lawyer, Michael Cohen, the place he admitted to secretly recording his then-boss throughout a dialog relating to an alleged hush cash fee. Such discussions between attorneys and their purchasers are alleged to be privileged and personal, however Cohen’s testimony earlier than the court docket wasn’t challenged, at the least not but.

“Last time I checked, there’s something called attorney-client privilege. Obviously, you know, that doesn’t stand if you’re going against Donald Trump because none of the rules stand if you’re going against Donald Trump in a political campaign where he is winning and they have no other way to win but to take him down with illegal and politically motivated lawfare,” Habba advised Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“You said it best, Sean. Hillary Clinton did something far worse, and the [Federal Election Commission] looked at it, they examined it, and what did they do? They gave her a slap on the wrist, she paid I think eight grand for hiding the dirty dossier, the Russian hoax against Donald Trump, and nobody cared about anything,” Habba continued.

“She wasn’t dragged into court. Neither was Bill Clinton in the sock drawer case, and the list goes on and on and on. But if you are Donald Trump, you’re going to be gagged unconstitutionally so that you can’t even discuss testimony of people that are calling you a liar, and you can’t defend yourself. Can I tell you, Sean, I have never seen anything worse than what I saw today. I’m not going to get into the testimony of somebody under oath on a witness stand, but I think if you read the news, it speaks for itself,” she added.


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