June 22, 2024

Trump ‘Is a Very Dangerous Guy,’ He Shouldn’t Be Anywhere Near the White House

Former Trump administration communications director Anthony Scaramucci mentioned Friday on CNN’s “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump was a “very dangerous guy” who shouldn’t be wherever close to the White House.

Anchor Jake Tapper mentioned, “You recently called Trump the most un-American presidential nominee in U.S. history. Obviously, you want Biden to win president Biden to be reelected. What are you hearing from your fellow Republicans who also have a distaste for Trump but are having difficulties pulling the lever for Biden?”

Scaramucci mentioned, “You’ve got 40 people that work directly and in touch with Mr. Trump. You can’t say that they’re never Trumpers and all that other stuff because we were once Trumpers, but we’ve seen what he is like, the full criminality of him. We’ve seen what he’s like in terms of his destructive capabilities. And when I say he’s un-American, he says he’s un-American. He disavows the Constitution.”

He added, “He wants to go after you, Jake Tapper, and CNN. He wants to take your FCC license away. He has told his lawyers, his defense counselors, many of which that have dropped him, that he’d like to use the FBI as the Gestapo, you know, and the only good thing about that is he doesn’t understand history. So he doesn’t even know what the word ‘Gestapo’ means. But this is a very dangerous guy. He shouldn’t be anywhere near that White House again. And whatever shortcomings that President Biden may or may not have, I’ll be supporting him. I’ll be working for him in the fall.”

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