April 16, 2024

Trump Lawyer Habba Vows Legal Vengeance Against NY AG Letitia James


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Alina Habba, a spokesperson for Trump aȵd an attorney, has vowed to exact legal retribution on New York Attorney General Letitia Jameȿ for the$ 344 mįllion lawsuit she was able to secure from the former president next week.

After deciding last fall that Donald Trump and his two sons, Eric Trump, had committed fraud in order to obtain more favorable loan rates from banks by overinflating the value of their assets, Judge Arthur Engoron gave James nearly all of the$ 370 million she sought against them.

The biggest communication Habba could convey was that Engoron and James were” never going to get away with it” in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday, the day of his decision. She added that James might have workȩd with the Biden presidency in coordination.

We now have the attempt, so I’m free to speak. ” There is a place, and I want to say things that I do n’t usually ḑo. And let me just say that they wo n’t get away with it. Sⱨe declared,” We may confront them, we will fight valiantly until the truth is revealed.


There was nothing improper. Everything tⱨat President Trump has done is bad. All he has accomplished is to win a plan, which is frightening them. Because they are aware that when he returns in November 2024, it will be a tidy house, and that is the real issue, she continued.


Kevin O’Leary, a Shark Tank star and investor, stated this week that the fraud decision of former President Donald Trump is forcing him to reconsider his investment in the” super villain state” of New York.

” I am the same investment as everyone else. I’m astounded by this. I’ɱ not yet able to comprehend or comprehend the choice at all. ” O’Leary said during an interview on Fox Business Network’s” Cavitσ Coast To Coast” that there įs no justification for it.

What the government says is irrelevant. Like California, New York waȿ now a coward state. It was now at the top of the list to be the villain state because of policy, high taxes, and uncompetitive regulation. I would not then invest in New York. O’Leary said,” I’m not the only one saying that.

New Yorkers may become worried because of this. Why are we a coward state, the good people of New York ought to wonder. How will we draw in customers? What about new money that I’m referring to, like a$ 4 billion data center? It’s not just the existing businesses moving to Texas and Florida. I have no opportunity of doing that in New York, O’Leary continued.

They have a lot of work to do to get themselves out of the position, and this has happened post-pandemic, he said. Look at Tennessee, the city in Nashville with the fastest growth and the most dynamic taxes; it’s winner than loser. You must begin to consider this in the framework of winners and losers. A big loser state is New Yσrk.

O’Leary yet said it’s not always about Trump in an interview with Fox &amp, Friends Weekend.

He said,” Forget about the Trump factor. ” That is not the point. What does this mean for everyone who wants to risk their money to work in New York? This determine arbitrarily determined that the amount is appropriate. I fail to comprehend it. No programmer does.

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He continued,” It’s an crime. ” Although embarrassing, it is an abuse on real property.

Some business sectors produce the ȿame amount of cash flow as real estate, according to O’Leary. He argued that the common “haggling” that takes place between a bank and possible debtor is not significantly different from wⱨat Trưmp was found to be responsible for.

” Look, I want to borrow$ 200 million to build a building,” you say as you visit the bank. What resources do you have that we can use to secure this product, they ask? And you point to a tower you previously constructed, fight over its value, and argue about it,” O’Leary said.