May 21, 2024

Trump Speaking at Convention ‘Great Opportunity’ to Advance Liberty

Former President Donald Trump will likely be making a historic transfer by talking at the Libertarian social gathering’s nationwide conference, Libertarian social gathering chair Angela McArdle mentioned throughout an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, explaining the significance of having the ability to use the chance to advance the message of liberty.

“You know, as the person responsible for what happens at the Libertarian Party ultimately, I gotta say that for 53 years, we’ve been trying to get our candidates on the main stage with major party POTUS candidates. And this year, we’ve decided to flip the tables and we succeeded in bringing one of the main candidates to our stage instead,” she mentioned, referencing Trump.

She mentioned they’re going to do “everything in our power to use this incredible opportunity to advance the message of liberty,” including that Trump has mentioned that he’s going to communicate straight to points necessary to Libertarians.

“And, you know, certainly he’s coming because he wants to earn our votes. You know, we’re our own party. We’re gonna have our own candidate,” she mentioned, including that it’s a nice alternative total to transfer the dial within the path of liberty and talk about necessary points that actually overlap with the Republican Party, together with ending infinite wars and runaway inflation.

“It would behoove us to take this amazing opportunity to share those concerns with someone who’s very likely to be the next President of the United States. So that’s what we’re doing,” she mentioned, emphasizing that spending alone is a “critical issue.”

“I know it’s not as sexy. It doesn’t have as much emotional appeal as some of the other issues, but without government spending, there is no giant spying apparatus. There is no endless war overseas. Cutting the spending power, cutting the just endless money printing by the Federal Reserve would rein everything in,” she mentioned, explaining that Libertarians are good at explaining that.


“I’m really pleased that we are a critical voting bloc … because that means people have to pay attention to the things that we are very passionate about,” McArdle mentioned, including that the Libertarian Party needs to “get Republicans and conservatives back on track talking about conservative” points. Many of those points, she mentioned, would be the deciding issue within the election.

“We want to hear President Trump’s plan for bringing peace or at least some stability or less U.S. involvement over there,” she mentioned, referencing the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine.

“And we do think that it’s much more likely that the Ukraine war wouldn’t have happened, you know, if he’d been in office, but we’d like to hear from him, you know, on that topic as well. We want to hear particularly like how would it have been not possible if you’d been in office,” she mentioned.

“We’re using every opportunity we can to maintain you know, relevancy, and to get libertarianism out there. We’re ideologically based, you know, we’re not, we’re not driven by a cult of personality. Our party was founded to be radical and to be a strong rebuke against the Nixon administration going off the gold standard, the Vietnam War. We’re a radical party, and we want to move the Overton window in the direction of freedom. That is the most important thing for us,” she continued.

“So this is a great opportunity for us,” McCardle added.

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