March 4, 2024

US Sen. Coons and German Chancellor Scholz see double at Washington meeting

When they met this week in Washington, D. C. , U. S. Sen. Chris Coons and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared their camera image on social media.

The Delaware Democrat and the head of Germany’s coalition government have an unusual resemblance, right down to their shaven heads and squinty grins, which they flaunted in a photo Coons took on Thursday while Scholz was in the American investment to promote American support for Ukraine in its continuing conflict with Russia.

Scholz met with Congressmen and President Joe Biden, where he and Coons posed for the amusing photo that was posted on their particular X, previously Twitter, records.

” Wer ist ise? ” Who is who? was written in German over the picture by evers.

” ChrisCoons, it’s great to see my Doppelgänger again! ” While the men were posing in front of Evers ‘ phone, Scholz posted in English above a picture that had been taken from some distance away.

The people first met in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. They were separated by five times, with Scholz being 65 and Coons being 60.

Scholz traveled to Washington to highlight the importance of the Ukraine fight to the United States, Europe, and other countries. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, reiterated earlier this week that his country’s interests were the reason for the war in February 2022. Kyiv asserts that the assault was an unintentional act of hostility.

Ukraine will not have a chance to protect its own country without the support of the United States and the Western states, according to Scholz.