April 17, 2024

Vernon Davis says brother Vontae’s cause of death is unknown, under investigation

When former NFL cornerback Vontae Davis died this week on the age of 35, it got here as a shock to his household.

Vernon Davis, the previous NFL tight finish who was Vontae’s older brother, says his brother collapsed after getting out of his sauna, however he doesn’t know the cause of death.

“This thing definitely caught me by surprise. I just don’t know what to make of it,” Vernon Davis instructed DailyMail.com. “I’m leaning on the detectives to figure it out but right now we have no answers. They are going to run tests and they said they’ll get back to us. It could be as long as a month, a month and a half, until we know anything.”

Vontae Davis’s ex-wife has stated she thinks Vontae had CTE, however Vernon Davis famous that CTE can’t be recognized in dwelling folks and stated he thought his brother was each bodily and mentally wholesome.

“Maybe that’s the case, maybe it’s not. We don’t really have an answer to that because there is no way to see into our brain while we live,” Vernon Davis stated. “Vontae never really showed a history of using drugs or anything like that. I was at his house two weeks ago and he had the massage therapist there. He had a stretch therapist, a chiropractor, you name it.”

Police have stated solely that Vontae Davis’s cause of death is under investigation and foul play is not suspected.