June 22, 2024

We Have to Let Israel Finish the Job and End Hamas

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) mentioned Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the United States ought to enable Israel to end the job of ending Hamas.

Vance mentioned, “I think there are two big problems with the Biden administration is doing. First of all, it’s a fundamentally incoherent policy on the one hand, they’re saying too many Palestinian civilians have been killed with the other hand, there are depriving is the Israelis of the precision guided weapons that actually cut down on civilian casualties. So if you’re worried about Palestinian casualties, these stated policy here actually doesn’t make a ton of sense.”

He continued, “The fundamental problem here, is the Israelis have a goal in mind. Hamas started a war by murdering a large number of israeli civilians. and now that they’re 80% defeated, they’re throwing up their hands and saying, uncle. Now, yeah, palestinian civilian casualties is a real issue and our heart certainly goes out to them. we have to ask ourselves, why are palestinian civilian casualties so high? It’s because Hamas started the war and now they hide behind Palestinian civilians. so if you want to learn the lessons, i think of the last 40 years, the most important thing is we have to defeat Hamas as a viable a military organization. You’re never going to defeat the ideology of Hamas, but you can root out those commanders, those final military trained battalions. I think we should empower the Israelis to do it.”

Vance added, “Our goal in the Middle East should be to allow the Israelis to get to some good place with Saudi Arabians and other Gulf Arab states. There is no way that we can do that unless the Israelis finished the job with Hamas. If they can’t even do that, the attitude of the Middle East will be, you can’t trust these guys. They’re not pursuing their own national security. So we’ve got to let them finish this job, but I think hopefully on the other end of it, get two new era in the Middle East.”

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