February 20, 2024

We’re the Anti-World Economic Forum, ‘Wexit,’ Attracting International Conservatives

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the anti-World Economic Forum, attracting even worldwide conservatives who stand in opposition to the globalist agenda, CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp stated throughout an look on Breitbart News Saturday.

Schlapp spoke about the phenomenon of attracting conservative worldwide leaders, together with former British Prime Minister Liz Truss and Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador.

Schlapp stated such worldwide figures are coming to the upcoming convention, going down from February 21 to February 24 at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Center in National Harbor, Maryland, partially “because they’re really worried about America.”

“They want America to hear the message that you know, we love your history. We love the fact that you were always a religious people. We love the fact that you have a written constitution and you have diverse opinions, but you always found a way to kind of be patriotic and understand there was a cause for the country. And they’re worried that we’ve lost all that and they want the American voter to hear that, and I do think it’s interesting that you have so many people coming from Spanish-speaking countries,” he added, describing CPAC as “Wexit.”

“We’re Wexit. [The] World Economic Forum exit. Let’s put pressure on companies to not deal with these people. Let’s put pressure on our politicians to not play footsie with these people,” Schlapp stated, explaining that “these authoritarian regimes like in Beijing and the World Economic Forum don’t believe in any kind of individual rights.”

“They don’t believe in the rights of private property. They’re trying to destroy anybody who wants to use fossil fuels. They don’t believe in religion. As a matter of fact, they are hostile to it, and they’re trying to destroy families and gender. They’re trying to make it obligatory for us to put vaccines in our system when we don’t want them, and to listen to the W.H.O. and have the W.H.O. infiltrate our schools. So, you know, and that’s enough,” Schlapp stated.

“I might not have been the person that immediately said, ‘Oh, Davos is at the center of everything that’s evil,’ but I’ve watched them and I’m not stupid and the people who come to CPAC aren’t stupid either,” he continued.


“They know that almost everything they stand up and support is to hurt the little guy and to hurt you know, the citizen in America who’s trying to put food on the table for the family and fill up his car with motor fuel, and would like to have a job that pays the bills and they want to be able to teach their kids about their traditions and their faith, and the World Economic Forum is trying to get in the way of all of those things,” Schlapp stated, combatting the leftist lies that conservatives hate the World Economic Forum merely as a result of they’re “selfish isolationists.”

“That doesn’t characterize who I am. That doesn’t characterize who comes to CPAC. We’re people who love people across the globe. We just believe in America as a nation is a unique thing. We’re nationalists. We want to support our nation. And by the way, all these world leaders who are coming over, they’re not asking for money. They’re not asking for us to do anything other than let them solve their problems and help them be independent of these globalists who probably are the ones who caused the problems,” Schlapp added.

Schlapp additionally spoke about the significance of this yr’s election, deeming it one in every of the most essential elections when one considers the various.

“The Democrats have fully embraced Marxism and it’s getting more and more scary as we watch our big cities crumble and we watch the attack on faith, the attack on family,” he stated, explaining that “there’s a real rumbling and a hunger from conservatives to get this Republican Party to learn how to fight and fight like hell and realize that civilization is on the line.”

Schlapp additionally highlighted that this can be Trump’s 14th look at CPAC, really beating Ronald Reagan’s report.

donald trump

Former President Donald Trump arrives to talk at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2023, Saturday, March 4, 2023, at National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Md. (Alex Brandon/AP)

“We’re so honored that he’s coming, because, you know, Ronald Reagan skipped one CPAC while he was president, and it was the day of the New Hampshire primary. So you know, we know that he’s making a special effort to be with us on that day, and then he’ll fly out to South Carolina. So, you know, I think the fact that he’s beating Reagan’s record is an interesting piece of history, but what’s more important is I think he understands he doesn’t get this done without this great grassroots army,” Schlapp added.

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