June 22, 2024

WH Defends Biden Blocking Release Special Counsel Recordings

The Biden White House claims that President Biden made the decision to grant him executive privilege over his meeting with Special Counsel Robert Hur, which prevented Congress from getting access to his audio tapes, “at the demand of the attorney general. “

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre posed a query regarding Biden’s choice to halt the launch of the voice of his conversation with the Special Guidance.

A reporter questioned why the White Houȿe wo n’ƫ just release the audio for the sake of complete transparency, noting that the letter from the White House Council was clearly stated for reasons about thȩ concerns of beįng used for political purposes.

Jean- Pierre defended Biden’s choice, contending that the records themselves are already out it.

She said,” I think the Attorney General made it clear that law enforcement records like these need to be protected,” adding that Biden allegedly made the decision “at the demand of the lawyer common. “

So I just want to make that next point very apparent. As you all know, the White House Counsel’s Office has written a lot of written words, and I’m certain some of you have read this on this subject. And like I said, that you have seen and thus, but when it comes to anything further or any specifics, certainly, I may refer you to my colleagues at the White House Counsel’s Office”, Jean- Pierre continued, pressing that the determination was made “at the request of the attorney general”, who “wanted to make sure that law enforcement files like these must be protected”.


After Hur claimed that Biden had “poor memory” and intellectual lapses while speaking with Hur, the famous interview was withheld, which caused political fury.

CNN’s Burnett: Biden Had n’t Slept, Was’ Distracted’ When He Spoke with Special Counsel

But, Hur ultimately declined to indict Biden, citing “insufficient information”. He descrįbed Biden as a “young guy with a bad remembrance. “

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