July 12, 2024
What else are Democrats lying about?

What else are Democrats lying about?

What else are Democrats lying about?

Thursday, June 27, 2024, will go down in political historical past because the day one of many largest lies ever was totally uncovered. For months, even years, Democrats and their media allies haven’t solely denied that President Joe Biden has misplaced the psychological capability wanted to carry out on the best stage of politics, however they’ve viciously attacked anybody who had the temerity to counsel in any other case, going so far as telling voters that what we have been all seeing with our personal eyes have been “cheap fakes” and “Russian disinformation.”

But now, after 90 minutes of debate with former President Donald Trump, the world is aware of the reality: Biden shouldn’t be match mentally, as his many pauses, blunders, and easily incoherent sentences demonstrated Thursday evening.

There is a few pushback from the Biden marketing campaign — a weak and unconvincing effort responsible the evening on a chilly. But Biden’s failures went far past a nagging cough. A sore throat doesn’t clarify why he bragged, “We finally beat Medicare,” or why he rambled on about brothers raping their sisters when requested about abortion, or why he claimed that the Border Patrol union endorsed him when these charged with implementing our nation’s immigration legal guidelines despise Biden’s catch-and-release insurance policies with each ounce of their being.

These moments have been devastating for Biden as a result of they bolstered what anybody who has been watching the president already knew. Until the talk, Democrats have been afraid to say what they knew about Biden’s well being. So afraid have been they to confess the reality that they made outlandish claims within the different course. Here are just some.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claimed Biden is “better than he’s ever been.” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas mentioned Biden was “sharp, intensely probing, detail-oriented, and focused.” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen mentioned Biden “is at the top of his game.” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) claimed he had “watched President Biden run circles around senators inside the Oval Office.” And to not be outdone, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) claimed Biden “has a photographic memory” and is “sharper than anyone I’ve spoken to.”

Now, these Democrats are singing a special tune, or maybe they’re crying uncle. “Biden looks like the caricature that conservative media has been painting. There were no clips tonight. You saw it before your eyes.” Yes, we did see it. We’ve been seeing it for a very long time. It was by no means a “caricature” created by conservative media. It was the reality. It has been the reality all alongside.

The injury Democratic Party elites and their media allies have finished to their occasion and the nation is incalculable. Democratic main voters have been denied an sincere selection about who ought to signify them within the normal election. All voters have been denied a selection between two competent candidates. National safety has been put in danger now that vicious and opportunistic adversaries similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have seen how weak Biden actually is.


The publicity of the Democrats’ lie about Biden’s well being raises two questions: What else are they lying about — in reality, virtually all the things — and who is absolutely working the White House? On the primary query, the obvious solutions are immigration and the financial system. The Biden administration denied for years there was a disaster on the southern border till abruptly, in January, it admitted there was one however that it was all Trump’s fault. And on the financial system, Democrats are nonetheless making an attempt to say all the things is nice, at the same time as vehicles and houses change into extra unaffordable day by day and shoppers submit record-high bank card debt spending.

On the second query, the reply is the activist operative base of the Democratic Party. That is who has been working the nation as Biden has quickly checked out. This cohort of radical operatives is way to the left of not solely the typical normal election voter but additionally of the typical Democratic main voter. Biden is slipping away and simple to govern. The solely problem is protecting up the truth that he has misplaced it, and so they managed to drag that off far longer than many thought doable.

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