May 17, 2024

What Mayorkas Couldn’t Answer on Vote Biden Flyers in Mexico

After the revelation of flyers at a Mexican shelter reminding illegal border crossers “to vote for President Biden,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas couldn’t inform Congress on Tuesday how his division may safeguard U.S. elections from unlawful voting by foreigners. 

“We do not oversee the election enrollment process,” Mayorkas informed the House Homeland Security Committee. “What we do is enforce our borders.”

The House voted to impeach Mayorkas in February for failure to implement border legal guidelines. House members delivered the two articles of impeachment Tuesday to the Senate, the place the Democrat majority wasn’t anticipated to carry a trial.  

Late Monday, The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project posted the content material of the flyers utilizing video of copies displayed by a nongovernmental group referred to as Resource Center Matamoros in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and found by the information outlet Muckraker. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s information and commentary outlet.)

It’s not clear whether or not Resource Center Matamoros approved the flyers or did something to take away them from the shelter for migrants. RCM Executive Director Gaby Zavala didn’t reply to inquiries from The Daily Signal for this report. 

Resource Center Matamoros describes itself as “a leading non-governmental organization providing trauma-informed care.”

Translated from Spanish, the Oversight Project notes, the flyers posted at Resource Center Matamoros say: “Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.” 

During the listening to held Tuesday by the Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Dan Bishop, R-S.C., requested in regards to the Oversight Project’s findings, with a cardboard cutout behind him displaying the contents of the flyer. 

RCM has disputed the authenticity of the flyers, Bishop stated, and requested Mayorkas what the Department of Homeland Security is doing to make sure that overseas residents aren’t illegally voting in federal elections, contemplating the hundreds of thousands of unlawful border crossers encountered by the Border Patrol plus about 2 million identified “gotaways.” 

“Congressman, individuals who are not citizens of the United States cannot vote in federal elections,” Mayorkas answered. 

“That’s not what I asked,” Bishop stated. “I asked what actions DHS is taking to ensure that that doesn’t occur.”

Mayorkas stated it’s as much as native governments.

“I believe that it is state and local election officials that monitor the eligibility of individuals,” Mayorkas stated. “We do not oversee the election enrollment process. What we do is enforce our borders.”

Not happy, Bishop adopted up once more.  

“How can Congress and the American people have confidence that the outcome of close elections will not turn on the votes of noncitizens who have registered and voted unlawfully?” Bishop requested. 

Again, Mayorkas didn’t have a direct reply.

“Congressman, election security is one of our priorities in the distribution of federal grant funds to state and local jurisdictions,” Mayorkas stated. “We have made election security a priority.”

Federal regulation prohibits overseas nationals, or non-U.S. residents, from voting in federal elections. On Friday, former President Donald Trump endorsed laws proposed by House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., that may require proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in elections.

On its web site, Resource Center Matamoras describes itself as a six-unit workplace complicated that’s “the home for HIAS, which is providing legal assistance and assistance with obtaining formal documents for job search and integration into the city of Matamoros [in Mexico] as they wait to access the asylum process in the U.S.”

HIAS, which initially stood for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, was based greater than 100 years in the past to assist Jews fleeing persecution in Europe. 

Mayorkas is a former board member of HIAS, as The Daily Signal reported Monday night time. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., introduced up his involvement in the course of the House listening to, calling it a “bombshell report.”

“They are telling illegal aliens, noncitizens, to come vote for Joe Biden,” Greene stated. “This is corruption at the deepest level. As a matter of fact, I would call it treason.”  

In a separate House Judiciary listening to, Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., requested Attorney General Merrick Garland in regards to the flyer urging unlawful aliens to vote for Biden. Clyde held up the flyer.

“That’s what this poster says; [it] reminds illegal immigrants to vote for President Biden,” Clyde stated. “So, is the Department of Justice concerned about illegal aliens voting in elections?”

Garland replied that he wasn’t aware of the message to unlawful immigrants to vote for Biden.

“The Department of Justice is concerned about any illegalities concerning voting,” the legal professional common stated. “I’ve never seen that poster. I’ve never heard of that poster. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anybody mention that poster.”

Clyde responded, “Well, now you have.”