February 20, 2024

White House national security spokesman John Kirby gets expanded role in Biden administration

According to a U. S. standard, John Kirby, President Joe Biden‘s national security official, is being given an expanded position at the White House.

The standard announced on Sunday that Kirby will be given a new subject of White House national security communications adviser and appointed an assistant to the administration. The official spoke to The Associated Press under the condition of anonymity because he was never authorized to discuss an interview that had not been made public. Reuters was the first to report on the expanded role’s specifics.

Kirby joined the White House in 2022 as the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, no longer after Karine Jean-Pierre was appointed press secretary after Jen Psaki left the office. The NSC did n’t previously have anyone in this position.

According to the standard, he will lead a distinct group from the national safety hit team that will coordinate information across agencies.

Kirby, a retired U. S. Navy admiral, has earned the administration’s respect for officially resolving contentious foreign policy issues with ease. During the Obama administration, he also held the position of leading official at the Pentagon and the State Department. Kirby has been a consistent presence in the White House press presentation place under Biden. He will continue to be present during meetings.