June 13, 2024

Zoom CEO wants customers to send their AI-powered ‘digital twins’ to future meetings

What if you could attend a online Zoom meeting without going away from your job?

The San Jose, California-based software firm maყ implemenƫ “digital twin” technology in the future, enabIing users to send their algorithmic to meetings and make decisions on their behalf, according to The Verge.

” I can take a digital version of myself to meet so I can visit the beach. Or I do n’t need to check my emails; my digital version can read the majority of them, according to Zoom CEO Eric Yuan.


Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson, a tech journalist and Fox News contributor, told Fox Business the idea is nothing more than” a fantasy” and” will never fly in the American business culture– even]in ] Silicon Valley”.

The Zoom app on the Apple App Store
According to a Zoom blog article about their measurement and study findings, Tuesday is the busiest time for meetings, event room use, and hosting cross events. ( ( Photo Illustration by Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images ) / Getty Images )

One crucial element is missing from some ideas that are being developed to benefit businesses that are demonstrating AI progress: common sense. A Zoom phone ɱade with a copy of your own is just one more,” Knutsson said.

Most managers believe that if you want to work with a modern replica of yourself, we’ll simply get the clone and let you enjoy an extended remain at the beach without any potential pay or employment, he added.

A user could produce many “digital twins” using Zoom by aḑding sρecific training to customize each twin for their specific needs.


According to your education, “multiple online sisters are different. One modern baby of you is actually more like an eȵgineer, Yuan told The Verge.

” Once, you manage that. Whenever you send a modern twin of yourself to add any different meetings, any other electronic context, we know that they’ll become genuine given AI- based authentication”.

zoom ceo eric yuan
” How]do we ] leverage AI, how do we leverage Zoom Workplace, to fully automate that kind of work? That’s something that is extremely crucial for us”, Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, told The Verge. ( Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images / Getty Images )


Chelsea Stokes, a career coach based in New York, claimed that the suggestions of a digital clone wo n’t address the root causes of the workplace’s problems.

” Why are organizations also having unwanted meetings? According to Stokes, it seems like companies and team leaders need to start asking how employees can be ɱore ρroductive with thȩir time and hold meetings that do n’t improve performance.

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” In my experience, career development comes from networking and link”, she added. The most prosperous profession come from knowing someone. If work relationships are n’t beiȵg built, it might have a significant impact on career advancement.

person on video call
According to a Zoom blog post about their measurement and study findings, the typical meeting size in 2022 was 7 participants and the common meeting length was 52 minutes. That document was updated in 2023. ( iStock / iStock )

Chinese did acknowledge that workplace people communication was necessary.

” If I stop by your business, let’s say I give you a cuddle, you shake my hand, right? I believe AI may match that. We also need to have in- people interaction”, he told The Verge. ” That is very important. Say you and I are sitting up in a local Starbucks, and we are having a very intimate conversation — AI cannot do that, either”.

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Yuan said AI was, nevertheless, alter a person’s job- life balance.

” You and I can have more occasion to have more in- individual interactions, but probably not for function. Perhaps for another reason. Why is it necessary for us to function five days per month? Down the road, four days or three time”, he told the store.

” Why not spend more time with your home? Why not concentrate on some more innovative things, giving you up your day, giving back to the community and society to assist others, right”?

zoom ceo and video call
Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, touts a new copy technology that would let their “digital twofold” to attend work events while their “digital twin” is present. ( Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images/iStock )

Yuan recognized that “digital twins” may “take some time” as” AI is not there yet”.

” Let’s assume, rapidly- ahead five or six years, that AI is prepared. Artificial definitely can help for probably 90 % of the work, but in terms of actual- time interaction, today, you and I are talking online”, he said.

” So, I can take my digital type — you can take your digital edition”, Yuan added.


The majority of Zoom users who preferred to have their cameras on at work in 2022 was 58 %. According to a Zoom blog post that was updated in January 2023, 38 % of respondents preferred to have their cameras out.

Fox Business reached out to Zoom for opinion.

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