May 21, 2024

Biden Should Stop Delaying Arms to Israel, I Support Rafah Invasion

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) acknowledged that whereas President Joe Biden has been a robust supporter of Israel, the administration delaying arms gross sales to the nation is fallacious and the one situations needs to be on Hamas and their enablers.

Fetterman praised Biden’s speech earlier within the day and acknowledged that Biden “been very supportive [of] Israel, but I don’t agree with him on everything, like, for example, I was public and I said that I don’t think we should be withholding any kind of munitions and I think, I said I think we need to send them immediately. Of course, Israel is in this kind of war and we — I have no conditions. I never have, and I can’t imagine I ever will.”

Host Bret Baier then requested, “Do you think the U.S. support for Israel, he said today it was ironclad, but if they are slow-walking these arms sales, how can you say both things?”

Fetterman responded, “Yeah. Well, like I said, I do think the President has stood with Israel, but we have disagreed on issues like that. … If anyone — if there should be any kind of conditions, it should be on Hamas and its [en]ablers, and its benefactors.”

Baier then requested, “Do you support Israel going into Rafah?”

Fetterman answered, “Well, I follow Israel on that. They would know the situation more than I do. And I’m always trying to center this to people where it’s like Hamas could, — well, they started this. … And this could end right now if they send all those hostages back home and they could surrender, and all of the — but they clearly don’t care about all the Palestinian death and chaos and damage. In fact, that’s the way they designed that. Israel actually cares about minimizing those civilian deaths. But Hamas sees that as just their own [kind] of collateral damage.”

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