May 21, 2024

China Abducted Her Uyghur Sister When She Spoke Out

Rushan Abbas, a Muslim Uyghur dwelling in America, delivered remarks on the Hudson Institute in 2018 about China’s persecution of Uyghurs. Six days later, her sister was arrested by the Chinese authorities.

“My freedom of speech in America as an American citizen, my First Amendment right, cost my own sister’s freedom,” Abbas, founder and government director of Campaign for Uyghurs, says.

Abbas describes her sister as somebody who was dwelling an “ordinary life.”

“She’s not famous. She’s not an educator. She never traveled to any of the Muslim-majority countries. But yet, [the] last five years and nine months, that she’s in jail now,” says Abbas, who was born in China however moved to America 35 years in the past.

The Chinese Communist Party views “anything that’s different as a threat,” Abbas says. “So, the Uyghurs believing in religion and speaking a different language and … having completely unique cultural differences—all this the Chinese government is taking as a threat.”

Since her sister was imprisoned in China, Abbas give up her job and started advocating full time for the liberty of Uyghurs identical to her sister.

She joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to clarify why the Chinese Communist Party is persecuting Uyghurs and what Americans can do to assist.

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