May 21, 2024

Disney’s New Star Wars Series ‘Tales of the Empire’ Uses ‘They/Them’ Pronouns for Gender-Ambiguous Character

May the army been with they/them.

Disney’s new Star Wars series Tales of the Empire uses” they/them” adjectives to speak to a sex- ambiguous figure that appears in the Disney + animated show’s second season.

The personality Barriss Offee and an unknown Jedi whose gender appears to be confusing engage in a light-saber fight in the scene in question. During the battle, there is no mention of gender identity or pronouns in the field. However, the remaining two characters begin using the words” they” and” them” when the unnamed Jedi is killed by a third warrior.

The Star Wars YouTuber, The Knights of Melvin, breaks down the field five times, including five times when the phrase” they/them” is used.

Since there was no mention of gender identity before the fight, Knights of Melvin points out, it is unclear why the characters refer to the slain Jedi as” they” or” them” instead.

Dave Filoni, who Disney appointed last year as Lucasfilm’s key creative officer, is the author of Tales of the Empire.

The Disney Star Wars company has continued to hug woke identity politics, which has alienated a large number of fans, both during Filoni’s and Kathleen Kennedy’s tenure.

As Breitbart News reported, Lucasfilm just hired Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy to lead The Jedi Order, an upcoming sequel to The Rise of Skywalker. Obaid- Chinoy when said” I like to create men uneasy” regarding her artistic ambitions.

The Disney + set Willow, based on the favorite 1988 Ron Howard video of the same name, was canceled last year after just one year and then removed completely from Disney+. The series featured a gay relationship between two of the line ‘ main characters while also including a prominent trans actor.

In its children’s pleasure, Disney is aggressively pushing transgenderism and other forms of female non-conformity.

In recent years, Disney has fought in Florida over its anti-gender-friendly Parental Rights in Education laws, created numerous transgender figures for its children’s shows, placed queer figures at the center of its big-budget films, and also launched an LGBTQ-themed clothing line.

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