May 21, 2024

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Signs Election Rules Bill into Law

Democratic Georgia Gov. A bill establishing procedures for voting registration and the organization of votes was signed into law on Tuesday by Brian Kemp.

Kemp signed Senate Bill 189 ( SB 189 ) into law on Tuesday, Kemp’s press secretary Garrison Douglas confirmed to USA Today.

A procedure may be developed in accordance with SB 189 to assist counties in removing particular voters from their voter registration dataset.

The laws also establishes new guidelines for how people who are unemployed you register to vote, with the phrase “registrar’s workplace” in their region as their mailing address for “election purposes. “

On May 24, 2022, residents of Atlanta, Georgia, use voting systems to cast their ballots in the Georgia key at the Metropolitan Library. ( Joe Raedle/Getty Images )

Under SB 189, citizens would also be able to remove their names from voting membership lists up to 45 days before an election.

According to CNN, the bill makes it easier for third-party candidates to cast ballots in Georgia by authorizing “any political party or social body” on the ballot in 20 states.

The Georgia Senate Democrats criticized Kemp for vetoing the expenses, which, in their opinion, had “allow plot theorists” to stoke unwarranted elections in response to Kemp signing it into law.

” Gov. The Republican Party in 2024 is all but forgotten thanks to Kemp’s unwillingness to reject SB 189, which will help crime scientists to cause total chaos in our elections, the Georgia Senate Democrats wrote. ” They simply work to choose their president, Donald Trump”.

” Gov. Kemp’s decision to put his gathering over our position is no surprise”, the Georgia Senate Democrats added. ” The Governor has signed and honored payments that remove money from public schools, give workers less power in the workplace, overcrowd our prison, and encourage racial profiling by law enforcement. The stakes are now clearer than ever thanks to this terrible list.

The Georgian ACLU also released a statement claiming the bill was a” step up for voters ‘ right. “