May 21, 2024

International Thief, Freed into U.S., Accused of Stealing $300K in Jewelry

After crossing the southwestern border near San Diego, California, a foreign diamond thief, who was wanted by Interpol for robbery in South Korea, officially was deported to the US last season. Now, he has been arrested in Nassau County, New York, for allegedly stealing more than$ 300, 000 worth of jewels from Tiffany &amp, Co. and Cartier.

According to Long Island News 12, Yaorong Wan, 49, entered the United States for the first time in December of last year via the southwestern boundary near San Diego. After claiming prison, Wan was released into the U. S. interior.

Wan had an Interpol” Red Notice” when he arrived at the border for allegedly stealing$ 332, 000 in jewelry in Seoul, South Korea, in Sept. 2018. Red Notices sensitive law enforcement all over the world to different wanted defendants who are fugitives.

Thin eventually made his way to New York City, where he inquired about a number of jewelry items when he entered the Tiffany &amp, Co. store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on March 4.

At one point, Wan was allowed to hold a diamond ring worth approximately$ 255, 000. Before leaving the Tiffany &amp, Co. store without making any purchases, Wang supposedly replaced the false ring with a false one and gave it back to the Tiffany &amp, Co. staff.

The ring’s theft was n’t discovered until March 11 at Tiffany & Co.

Finally, on March 12, Wan walked into the Cartier business at 20 Hudson Yards in Manhattan. According to the authorities, Wan was permitted to keep the two wedding rings while only taking one while allegedly removing the other while questioning two pieces.

That Cartier ring is valued at$ 25, 000.

Then, last month, Wan allegedly robbed a$ 7,000 Chopard watch at London Jewelers in Long Island.

Wan has since admitted not guilty to the magnificent burglary charges against him and was detained by the Nassau County Police Department following the incidents. Wan is wanted for related jewel heists in Florida and California.

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