May 21, 2024

MIT Students Take Part in Israeli Independence Day Celebration

Next to an anti-Israel encampment on campus, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) celebrated Israel’s upcoming Independence Day.

Students were able to hear a speech who remained optimistic that the camp would be “in the very near potential” in a video posted to X. The Israeli flag was spotted draped around many people’s bodies in the group.

” Hopefully, in the very near future, you’re going to see this camp come down”, the speaker said. ” That’s our goal”.

The speaker then invited individuals in the camp to “celebrate” with the party, adding that they were” about to be suspended”.

The listener said,” Everyone in the campment is welcome here to enjoy with us, the State of Israel. ” ” Although they’re about to be suspended, some of them are in the process of being suspended and expelled. But, but, for now, you may come and enjoy with us if you still want to”.

On Monday, MIT Chancellor Melissa Nobles sent a letter to students threatening to place students on “interim educational expulsion” if they did not leave the camp by 2: 30 p. m. on Monday.

In her letter, Nobles said the camp, which was established on April 21, was “in infraction of MIT plans”.

Later that evening, activists reclaimed their campment despite the removal of the majority of the houses.

In a speech issued on Monday, MIT President Sally Kornbluth, MIT Executive Vice President and Treasurer Glen Shor, and Nobles wrote:

At midday, Student Life staff handed a written advisory to students making clear that if they did n’t leave the encampment by 2: 30 p. m. , they would face discipline. By 2: 30, most individuals had left the enclosed camp area. Five remained, and some students gathered right outside the camp.

A large number of outdoor demonstrators showed up around that time, in part as a result of a planned public demonstration and a social media call to join our students in the area. MIT authorities assisted in managing the audience by Cambridge police and state police. At about 6: 00 p. m. , an individual jumped over the decking surrounding the remaining houses, causing a wave, and soon the place was breached.

Aristocracy informed them that “dozens of time punishments and recommendations to the Committee on Discipline” had been made in response to the protesters who had reoccupied their camp.