May 21, 2024

NYC Teen Fatally Shot in Head by Bike-Riding Suspect in Broad Daylight

A 16-year-old son from New York City was fatally shot in the head by a bike-riding gunman in a fierce light attack, according to law enforcement sources, who speculated that it might be related to school.

Just before 2:30 p. m. on Tuesday, according to police, Mahki Brown was cruelly shot outside a posh Soho resort on Spring Street.

When a assume on a Citi Bike passed by with a firearm, the shooting took place on the opposite side of the street from Chelsea Career and Technical Education High School.

Brown, who likewise received two gunshot wounds to the leg, after became aware that he was a student at nearby Broome Street Academy Charter High School.

According to authorities, the Crown Heights girl was taken to Bellevue Hospital and later declared dead.

Brown may have been the intended target, according to police sources who spoke to the store, but it is still unknown whether that conflict may have been the result of a earlier altercation between two parties of girls.

Authorities are now looking for at least two defendants, according to the Daily Mail, despite the fact that no one has been detained in connection with the shooting.

” It was sickening”, a security guard who witnessed the event told the Post. ” He was only laid down, looking incapacitated. I saw some blood on the shirt, but I did n’t look — nothing nice. A man was lying on the ground. That was video- like”.

” No matter how good a place is or stuff like that, you always kind of have to be on high alert, in a sense”, he added. ” Soho — good vibes, great energy, very different. You do n’t expect certain things in a nice area”.

When he heard the gunshots, a local park attendant claimed to have jumped for his career.

” I was protecting myself because you did n’t know where the sound was coming from”, he told the publication. ” People were running, so I also ran”.